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Is the proxabrush for you?

The inter-dental or proxabrush is often recommended for teeth with wide spaces between them. Wide spaces occur as a result of genetics, treating cavities, removing teeth, movement of teeth, gum disease and trauma(constantly forcing things between the teeth).

When there are wide spaces between the teeth especially around the molars, plaque and food debris become trapped between the teeth frequently.


In some cases the dental floss is not adequate to remove all the deposits caught between the teeth.


If all the deposits are not removed the bacteria in the mouth feeds on the debris and release toxins that cause the gum to become swollen. Bleeding ,sensitivity or discomfort may also occur.

Gently inserting the proxabrush between the teeth and removing the plaque build up is very effective in maintaining healthy teeth and gum. The interdental or proxabrush can be used to remove plaque and food particles under dental bridges and around braces.

If the teeth are close with minimal spaces between do not force a proxabrush between them because you may damage your gum. Find out what size inter-dental or proxabrush is recommended for your teeth.
Remember to ask your Dentist or Dental Hygienist for instructions on how to use interdental or praxabrushes.

Caring your teeth

Healthy Teeth Healthy Gum Beautiful Smile

Use Dental Floss

Try Floss Picks

Eat Healthy Food

Drink Water


Brush Twice Daily

Professional Dental Cleaning

Limit sugary food and drink

No smoking

No tobacco chewing

Use sugar free chewing gum

Limit alcohol drinking

Use fluoride toothpaste

Clean your tongue